publications by categories in reversed chronological order


  1. Impacts of School Nutrition Interventions on the Nutritional Status of School-Aged Children in Asia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Pongutta, Suladda, Ajetunmobi, Omotomilola,  Davey, Calum, Ferguson, Elaine, and Lin, Leesa
    Nutrients 2022
  2. A focus on disability is necessary to achieve HIV epidemic control
    Kuper, Hannah, Heydt, Phyllis, and Davey, Calum
    The Lancet HIV 2022
  3. Longitudinal change in cognition in older adults in Uganda: a prospective population study
    Prynn, Josephine E,  Davey, Calum, Davis, Daniel E, Kuper, Hannah, Mugisha, Joseph, and Seeley, Janet
    medRxiv 2022
  4. Engagement in HIV services over time among young women who sell sex in Zimbabwe
    Napierala, Sue, Chabata, Sungai T,  Davey, Calum, Fearon, Elizabeth, Busza, Joanna, Mushati, Phillis, Mugurungi, Owen, Hatzold, Karin, Cambiano, Valentina, Phillips, Andrew, and others,
    PloS one 2022
  5. Impact of a disability-targeted livelihoods programme in Bangladesh: Study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial of STAR+
    Banks, Lena Morgon, Das, Narayan,  Davey, Calum, Adiba, Afsana, Ali, M Mahzuz, Shakespeare, Tom, Fleming, Coral, and Kuper, Hannah
  6. Disability and Participation in Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Andiwijaya, Fahrin Ramadan,  Davey, Calum, Bessame, Khaoula, Ndong, Abdourahmane, and Kuper, Hannah
    International journal of environmental research and public health 2022


  1. Disability-inclusive responses to COVID-19: Lessons learnt from research on social protection in low-and middle-income countries
    Banks, Lena Morgon,  Davey, Calum, Shakespeare, Tom, and Kuper, Hannah
    World development 2021
  2. Will it work here? A realist approach to local decisions about implementing interventions evaluated as effective elsewhere
    Bonell, Chris, Prost, Audrey, Melendez-Torres, GJ,  Davey, Calum, and Hargreaves, James R
    J Epidemiol Community Health 2021
  3. Mental health, physical impairment and violence among FSWS in North Karnataka, South India: a story of intersecting vulnerabilities
    Beksinska, Alicja, Beattie, Tara S, Platt, Lucy, Bhattacharjee, Parinita, Prakash, Ravi, Ramanaik, Satyanarayana, Dibbadahalli, Kavitha, Collumbien, Martine, Gafos, Mitzy,  Davey, Calum, and others,
    BJPsych Open 2021
  4. Deaths involving COVID-19 by self-reported disability status during the first two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic in England: a retrospective, population-based cohort study
    Bosworth, Matthew L, Ayoubkhani, Daniel, Nafilyan, Vahé, Foubert, Josephine, Glickman, Myer,  Davey, Calum, and Kuper, Hannah
    The Lancet Public Health 2021


  1. Exploring the association between mobility and access to HIV services among female sex workers in Zimbabwe
    Davey, Calum, Dirawo, Jeffrey, Hargreaves, James R, and Cowan, Frances M
    AIDS and Behavior 2020
  2. Three lessons for the COVID-19 response from pandemic HIV
    Hargreaves, James,  Davey, Calum, Auerbach, Judith, Blanchard, Jamie, Bond, Virginia, Bonell, Chris, Burgess, Rochelle, Busza, Joanna, Colbourn, Tim, Cowan, Frances, and others,
    The Lancet HIV 2020
  3. Disability-inclusive COVID-19 response: What it is, why it is important and what we can learn from the United Kingdom’s response
    Kuper, Hannah, Banks, Lena Morgon, Bright, Tess,  Davey, Calum, and Shakespeare, Tom
    Wellcome open research 2020
  4. Assessing the effect of the Samata intervention on factors hypothesised to be on the pathway to child marriage and school drop-out: results from a cluster-randomised trial in rural north Karnataka, India
    Beattie, Tara S, Prakash, Ravi, Javalkar, Prakash, Collumbien, Martine, Ramanaik, Satyanarayana, Thalinja, Raghavendra, Murthy, Srikanta,  Davey, Calum, Moses, Stephen, Heise, Lori, and others,
    Journal of Global Health Reports 2020
  5. Changes in family-level attitudes and norms and association with secondary school completion and child marriage among adolescent girls: results from an exploratory study nested within a cluster-randomised controlled trial in India
    Prakash, Ravi, Beattie, Tara S, Cislaghi, Beniamino, Bhattacharjee, Parinita, Javalkar, Prakash, Ramanaik, Satyanarayana, Thalinja, Raghavendra,  Davey, Calum, Gafos, Mitzy, Watts, Charlotte, and others,
    Prevention Science 2020
  6. Trials and tribulations of Collecting Evidence on Effectiveness in Disability-Inclusive Development: A narrative review
    Kuper, Hannah,  Davey, Calum, Banks, Lena Morgon, and Shakespeare, Tom
    Sustainability 2020
  7. Group for lessons from pandemic HIV prevention for the COVID-19 response. Three lessons for the COVID-19 response from pandemic HIV
    Hargreaves, J, and Davey, C
    Lancet HIV 2020


  1. Mobility and sex work: why, where, when? A typology of female-sex-worker mobility in Zimbabwe
    Davey, Calum, Dirawo, Jeffrey, Mushati, Phillis, Magutshwa, Sitholubuhle, Hargreaves, James R, and Cowan, Frances M
    Social Science & Medicine 2019
  2. The Samata intervention to increase secondary school completion and reduce child marriage among adolescent girls: results from a cluster-randomised control trial in India
    Prakash, Ravi, Beattie, Tara S, Javalkar, Prakash, Bhattacharjee, Parinita, Ramanaik, Satyanarayana, Thalinja, Raghavendra, Murthy, Srikanta,  Davey, Calum, Gafos, Mitzy, Blanchard, James, and others,
    Journal of global health 2019
  3. What determines violence among female sex workers in an intimate partner relationship? Findings from North Karnataka, south India
    Javalkar, Prakash, Platt, Lucy, Prakash, Ravi, Beattie, Tara, Bhattacharjee, Parinita, Thalinja, Raghavendra, Sangha, Chaitanya AIDS, Ramanaik, Satyanarayana, Collumbien, Martine,  Davey, Calum, and others,
    BMC Public Health 2019
  4. Enhancing national prevention and treatment services for sex workers in Zimbabwe: a process evaluation of the SAPPH-IRe trial
    Busza, Joanna, Chiyaka, Tarisai, Musemburi, Sithembile, Fearon, Elizabeth,  Davey, Calum, Chabata, Sungai, Mushati, Phillis, Dirawo, Jeffrey, Napierala, Sue, Phillips, Andrew N, and others,
    Health policy and planning 2019
  5. Strengthening the scale-up and uptake of effective interventions for sex workers for population impact in Zimbabwe
    Cowan, Frances M, Chabata, Sungai T, Musemburi, Sithembile, Fearon, Elizabeth,  Davey, Calum, Ndori-Mharadze, Tendayi, Bansi-Matharu, Loveleen, Cambiano, Valentina, Steen, Richard, Busza, Joanna, and others,
    Journal of the International AIDS Society 2019
  6. Permutation tests for stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trials
    Thompson, Jennifer,  Davey, Calum, Hayes, Richard, Hargreaves, James, and Fielding, Katherine
    The Stata Journal 2019
  7. Effectiveness of a multilevel intervention to reduce violence and increase condom use in intimate partnerships among female sex workers: cluster randomised controlled trial in Karnataka, India
    Javalkar, Prakash, Platt, Lucy, Prakash, Ravi, Beattie, Tara S, Collumbien, Martine, Gafos, Mitzy, Ramanaik, Satyanarayana,  Davey, Calum, Jewkes, Rachel, Watts, Charlotte, and others,
    BMJ global health 2019


  1. Trials and tribulations: cross-learning from the practices of epidemiologists and economists in the evaluation of public health interventions
    Powell-Jackson, Timothy,  Davey, Calum, Masset, Edoardo, Krishnaratne, Shari, Hayes, Richard, Hanson, Kara, and Hargreaves, James R
    Health policy and planning 2018
  2. Robust analysis of stepped wedge trials using cluster-level summaries within periods
    Thompson, JA, Davey, C, Fielding, K, Hargreaves, JR, and Hayes, RJ
    Statistics in medicine 2018
  3. Designing evaluations to provide evidence to inform action in new settings
    Davey, Calum, Hargreaves, James, Hassan, Syreen, Cartwright, Nancy, Humphreys, Macartan, Masset, Edoardo, and Bonell, C
    CEDIL Inception Paper 2018
  4. The effect of mobility on HIV-related healthcare access and use for female sex workers: A systematic review
    Davey, Calum, Cowan, Frances, and Hargreaves, James
    Social Science & Medicine 2018
  5. Targeted combination prevention to support female sex workers in Zimbabwe accessing and adhering to antiretrovirals for treatment and prevention of HIV (SAPPH-IRe): a cluster-randomised trial
    Cowan, Frances M,  Davey, Calum, Fearon, Elizabeth, Mushati, Phillis, Dirawo, Jeffrey, Chabata, Sungai, Cambiano, Valentina, Napierala, Sue, Hanisch, Dagmar, Wong-Gruenwald, Ramona, and others,
    The lancet HIV 2018
  6. Changes in engagement in HIV prevention and care services among female sex workers during intensified community mobilization in 3 sites in Zimbabwe, 2011 to 2015
    Ndori-Mharadze, Tendayi, Fearon, Elizabeth, Busza, Joanna, Dirawo, Jeffrey, Musemburi, Sithembile,  Davey, Calum, Acharya, Xeno, Mtetwa, Sibongile, Hargreaves, James R, and Cowan, Frances
    Journal of the International AIDS Society 2018
  7. Engagement in HIV care among young female sex workers in Zimbabwe
    Napierala, Sue, Chabata, Sungai Tafadzwa, Fearon, Elizabeth,  Davey, Calum, Hargreaves, James, Busza, Joanna, Mushati, Phillis, Mtetwa, Sibongile, Chiyaka, Tarisai, Mugurungi, Owen, and others,
    JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 2018
  8. 90-90-90 by 2020? Estimation and projection of the adult HIV epidemic and ART programme in Zimbabwe–2017 to 2020
    Bansi-Matharu, Loveleen, Cambiano, Valentina, Apollo, Tsitsi, Yekeye, Raymond, Dirawo, Jeffrey, Musemburi, Sithembile,  Davey, Calum, Napierala, Sue, Fearon, Elizabeth, Mpofu, Amon, and others,
    Journal of the International AIDS Society 2018


  1. Correlates of school dropout and absenteeism among adolescent girls from marginalized community in north Karnataka, south India
    Prakash, Ravi, Beattie, Tara, Javalkar, Prakash, Bhattacharjee, Parinita, Ramanaik, Satyanarayana, Thalinja, Raghavendra, Murthy, Srikanta,  Davey, Calum, Blanchard, James, Watts, Charlotte, and others,
    Journal of adolescence 2017
  2. The HIV care cascade among female sex workers in Zimbabwe: results of a population-based survey from the sisters antiretroviral therapy programme for prevention of HIV, an integrated response (SAPPH-IRe) trial
    Cowan, Frances M, Davey, Calum B, Fearon, Elizabeth, Mushati, Phillis, Dirawo, Jeffrey, Cambiano, Valentina, Mavedzenge, Sue Napierala, Hanisch, Dagmar, Wong-Gruenwald, Ramona, Chemhuru, Milton, and others,
    JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 2017
  3. Physical health inequalities among gay and bisexual men in England: a large community-based cross-sectional survey
    Bourne, Adam,  Davey, Calum, Hickson, Ford, Reid, David, and Weatherburn, Peter
    Journal of Public Health 2017
  4. Bias and inference from misspecified mixed-effect models in stepped wedge trial analysis
    Thompson, Jennifer A, Fielding, Katherine L,  Davey, Calum, Aiken, Alexander M, Hargreaves, James R, and Hayes, Richard J
    Statistics in medicine 2017
  5. Mental health inequalities among gay and bisexual men in England, Scotland and Wales: a large community-based cross-sectional survey
    Hickson, Ford,  Davey, Calum, Reid, David, Weatherburn, Peter, and Bourne, Adam
    Journal of Public Health 2017
  6. Gaps in evaluation methods for addressing challenging contexts in development
    Davey, CH, Bonell, C, Cartwright, N, Hargreaves, J, Hassan, S, and Humphreys, M
    CEDIL pre-inception paper 2017