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Blog titles -- 2020

Around four months 18 months too late, I’m finally making good on a NY resolution (the resolution that keeps on giving) and getting a list of the blogs that I want to get out of my head. Ideally, I’ll work through one a week, adding more to the top as I go. In no particular order of appearance:

  1. Lean out
  2. Here’s my CU
  3. The LHS of the TOC
  4. Thresholds: when more informative?
  5. Starting rules and stopping rules in RCTs
  6. Something is imbalanced in this randomisation
  7. Baseline p-values
  8. What do we learn from evaluation?
  9. ITT [See Patricia email]
  10. Crisis – buying time
  11. What do we mean when we say it ‘doesn’t work’? [p109*]
  12. Supply equalling demand when demand is paid for by suppliers
  13. What does effectiveness mean?
  14. NICE [p188]
  15. Ethics of a strong IV; Embedded encouragement [p205] and IV for investigating mechanisms, Afghan report
  16. Caring economy; you didn’t build that
  17. Cartwright and B-H
  18. If it doesn’t generalise, what do we know?
  19. Complexity and postmodernism
  20. Fish vs how to fish: context-centred design [p28]

* Page numbers in notebooks

Written on January 6, 2020